Staples Site Picture By Quinn Interiors
Client: Staples
Location: Grimsby
Project Duration: 5 Weeks 4 Days

This store was part of a major rollout programme as part of the Office World/Staples conversion for 2005/2006.

The work involved the conversion of the existing building into two units, one half to be Staples with the other being Next.

To create two units a mid floor wall had to be constructed which was built using jumbo stud and fire wall lining. Once this work was complete we then had to undertake the shop floor works which included new flooring, decorations, air conditioning works, new lighting layout and new fixtures and fittings

Once all of the above was completed Staples then moved into the premises to set up the merchandise and office furniture.

The side which Next were to take was left as a bare shell ready for them to take possession and to fit out as they intended.

Once the Staples side of the store was fully set up we carried out a full clean to all areas including stripping and sealing all vinyl floors.

Externally we fitted new, fully illuminated, signage and fully decorated all fascias, soffits and windows.

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